Our Approach

GoYrOwnWay.com is an entrepreneurial logbook on a voyage of discovery. Stop in once in a while to track our course. Find out what’s been working for us so that you can try something proven for yourself.

Our Story

Having found each other across 13,520 km (8,400 miles) of ocean, Sunet and I are looking for a way to start our retirement while we are still young enough to enjoy it. For us, living means traveling and learning about new places firsthand. The prescribed career path of rent out your time and talents while time passes you by is not getting us any closer to this simple goal.

So we did a little research, followed some links and now have a solid plan forward.

  • First we need time, life’s most essential commodity — time to carry the plan out. That means start generating an independent income as soon as possible.
  • Second, we need to learn about internet marketing as affiliates — reciprocal promoters of other people’s products — so that we can start earning independent incomes right away and hit the ground running later on come time to market our own products and services. The internet makes marketing accessible to any individual without a large monetary outlay but in so doing transfers responsibility for marketing onto our individual shoulders. This is the way life was for the early settlers in this country and in others until various middlemen began to fill the need for wider market access in the absence of the internet. In 1898, advertising mogul E. St. Elmo Lewis developed the concept of a purchase funnel — a concept which has come into its own today as an internet-based conversion funnel or “clickfunnel” in common usage. The internet serves most market communication roles now, so in a sense we have regressed back to the “shingle” — the plank of wood that early entrepreneurs used to mark their place of business in a frontier town. As for our shingle, well, you’re looking at it.
  • Third, we start injecting our own products and services into the market niche we’ve created for ourselves as affiliates.
  • Along the way, we show others how we’re doing it because in an open marketplace, more participants mean more affiliates, more commerce and more independent income for each of us. As a top Clickbank affiliate put it in 2020, “A rising tide floats all boats.” eCommerce integrators automate the payment of commissions whether you’re promoting your own product as a vendor or someone else’s product as an affiliate. That’s not multi-level marketing (MLM) because there are no hierarchies, no organizational levels to work your way up and no structured commissions that drain away your own income and bubble up the line. It’s simply an expanding traditional marketplace no different in principle from an ancient Sumerian bazaar but made increasingly efficient by internet technology. We’re simply inviting anyone who happens by to open up a stall of their own and join us on our quest for financial freedom.

Meet the Team

So far it’s just us, but already we’re partnering with fellow entrepreneurs the world over. More on this going forward as our progress continues.

David in 2011


Founder & CEO

Software engineer, paleointellectual archaeologist, eBook publisher and internet marketing entrepreneur

Sunet in 2013


Senior Advisor

Facebook and YouTube entrepreneur, dressmaker, gourmet cook and erstwhile tourguide of Cambodian temple complexes

Next Steps…

Explore our Links to start building your customer base or market audience.

Check back in the coming weeks for further updates as I work to complete my instructional eBook and further my education in evergreen marketing for the digital age. I’ll pass on everything I learn.