Start building your customer base before you launch a new product or service. AWeber is the email list building tool of choice for the online marketing service I’m using but you can also use it independently. Any way you go, signing up with a list builder is an important step in the marketing side of entrepreneurship in the digital age.

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My old VPN caused problems. This one solves them.

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Our Mission

Everyone in business, be it owners or employees, should be working toward one goal – the success of the business owners and shareholders. The reality, as most everyone knows, is that most employees are incentivized over time, for lack of attentive governance, to prioritize their own personal success over that of the company.

As an employee, you’ll get what the stakeholders think your contributions are worth but no more. Your successes will curry the favor of those whose success they support and the competitive ire of those who choose to see them as an existential threat. This is called succeeding until you fail or until a success is painted as a failure or until someone who sees you as a rival finds an opportunity to take you down.

As an entrepreneur, you must break out of the destructive favor-seeking cycle of peer rivalry. Graduate from showcasing your talents in exchange for favor and start putting them to work — often invisibly — for the benefit of your customers. The results will speak for themselves if you place and keep your customers front and center. Instead of competing for favor, you will start to thrive in the business ecosystem, finding win-win relationships at every new turn. This is called failing until you succeed.

Next Steps…

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Check back in the coming weeks for further updates as I work to complete my instructional eBook and further my education in evergreen marketing for the digital age. I’ll pass on everything I learn.